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A collective of futuristic minds for fashion industry’s transformation

We are a group of fashion industry experts from around the world, 

who are passionate about transforming the industry through circular economy projects, focusing on sourcing materials, co-development, and innovation with stakeholders.

Our Vision & Approach

At Minds in Fusion, we believe sustainability is the only action forward.


Our services focus on delivering innovative yet practical business cases that connect the dots between industries and pilots to scale with a curious mind.​ Minds in Fusion believes in building long lasting business with like-minded stakeholders for maximum impact through our can-do attitude, transparent sharing of our collective knowledge & network.

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Our Expert Minds

We have worked with different types of clients, including innovative material start-ups, luxury and casual fashion brands and retailers, waste management companies, manufacturers, non-profit groups, and software service providers.

Our team can take on various roles, such as program directors, project managers, transformation managers, innovation managers, data analysis experts, and researchers. 

We have experts in both agile and non-agile methods.

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Sharon Tsang

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Melanie Hackler

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Marieke Koemans-Kokkelink

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Our Scope of Services

Circular Economy advisory

& expertise consortium

  • Advise on the implementation of EU textile strategy covering extended producer responsibility & solutions for expected global impacts

  • Create circular textile-to-textile eco-systems

  • Develop fiber off-takes reframing end-of-life feedstock as beginning-of-life raw materials for new recycled circular materials

Material & product innovation

  • Co-create and commercialize innovative materials

  • Conceptualize & map new transparent & traceable supply chains

  • Oversee textile & apparel innovation in the supply chain from Sourcing, Product development, Production, Quality Assurance & Control

Change & transformation

  • Develop materiality assessments that integrate into business strategies

  • Advise on the GRI & SDG fundamentals of sustainable strategy creation and reporting

  • Guide bespoke interactive training and learning experiences on fashion sustainability and circularity subjects using Design Thinking methodology

  • Convert sustainable commitments into actionable steps

New business development

  • From start-up to innovation scale-up

  • Exploring feasibility of new business models

  • Connect stakeholders across industries in technology & innovation

Collaborate with Us

For any inquiries please email us at hello@mindsinfusion or use the form below.

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